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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Top 10 Reasons Bush Should Attend Finishing School

No. 8. Confusing Policies Stem from a Low Self Esteem

Take, for example, the United Arab Emirates taking over ports. The Bush Administration assurances that "the government has looked into the situation" is less than reassuring. As is his statement that he will veto any legislation that attempts to block this takeover.

Let's see how does this go? The 911 attacks were carried out by people based in the United Arab Emirates (not necessarily citizens of that county). So we attack Iraq. As an explanation, some language about retribution from the 911 attacks was flurrying around until the administration landed on the better excuse (false) nookular capabilities of Saddam.

Fast forward a few years....still warring in Iraq and now we are WHAT? Oh yes. The US Ports are going to be run by a company from the United Arab Emirates (which just bought the British company that was already running the ports).

And by the way, why did we give up our civil liberites in the name of homeland security, when foreign countries are running our ports?

But hey, don't worry. The Bush administration is looking out (and listening in) for the citizens of the US.


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