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Monday, December 19, 2005

Tech Etiquette Run Amuck!

I found the below article on tech etiquette simply fascinating.

First of all, Peter Shankman should be thankful that he got to see some free la la during his flight rather than worrying about a phantom five year who may have been aboard the aircraft. Clearly his priorities are not in proper order.

Secondly, if someone has privacy concerns about their solitaire strategy being stolen by the individual sitting next to them then they should put down their time-wasting-gadget and open a book.

Thirdly, do you think Dianne Daniels and Diane Danielson are the same person??? If they are two separate people, they both annoying. One of them is obviously paranoid while the other doesn’t seem to know the difference between watching television and sitting down. Deep recliners? Is that supposed to be some veiled reference to what I did to the guy next to me on the last VERY LONG flight I was on? Come on now, those of us who don’t have little gadgets to flash lights and noise at us when we’re bored are forced to be creative (and sometimes slutty).

Finally, if your dumb enough to be paying your bills while cramped on an airplane, you deserve to have your identity stolen. Someone else can probably make more of your life than you obviously have.

Planes, trains and laptops: Learning tech etiquette
As the holiday travel season begins, here is how to make your trip more pleasant for you and those around you.


Pioneer Press

Peter Shankman was on a U.S. flight recently when the person beside him pulled out a DVD movie to watch on his laptop computer.
That's hardly unusual nowadays, except that "it wasn't the most … um … family-friendly movie," says Shankman, head of New York-based travel-service company AirTroductions. "I didn't care so much, but I could only wonder if he'd do the same thing if he was sitting next to a five-year-old."

Shankman isn't the first traveler to run into a glaring breach of "tech etiquette" — when portable technology is used in a manner that is potentially bothersome or offensive.

"So many people are using notebooks outside of the office" lately, Strauss said, and privacy isn't their sole concern. "A lot of (them) are doing shopping and banking, so there's the potential for identity theft," as well.

Dianne Daniels could have used such a PC filter on a flight to Charlotte, N.C., as she went over notes for a business presentation. She noticed at one point that a man beside her was reading right off her laptop screen.

"How did I know this?" says Daniels, head of a Connecticut business-consulting firm. "I could see his lips moving. At one point, he screwed up his courage and asked me what I did for a living. I closed my notes and took out a novel."

On another day, Daniels spotted a man "taking copious notes while I was reading through my e-mails" in a Florida hotel's reception area. "When I closed my laptop, got up from my chair and walked in his direction, he quickly closed his notebook and walked away. It could have been a coincidence, but I don't think so."

Diane Danielson of Massachusetts says she will never "work on anything proprietary or private on an airplane — You never know who might be sitting next to you, and there is no possible way to expect privacy."

In fact, she says, a lack of privacy can work to her advantage.

"I've met many people who are interested in what I was working on and built business relationships based on their curiosity, either about my work or my technology," says Danielson, who runs a businesswoman-networking group based near Boston.

Danielson finds "electronic games, etc., on planes less invasive of your personal space than those individuals who put their seat backs as far back as they go! I picked a new laptop with a shorter screen for airplane rides, just to deal with the 'deep recliners.' "

To read full article click here


  • At 3:13 PM, Blogger Gary Freedman said…

    Tech etiquette. Cool!

  • At 8:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    While I don't know your blog, so I don't know if you're being sarcastic or not, I know I'd beat senseless some asshole who decided to watch a porn movie on a plane in front of my five-year-old, if I happened to have one.

  • At 11:27 AM, Blogger Mz Manners said…

    I am most certainly not being sarcastic. I don't know how many times I have to explain that phantom five year olds cannot see movies. In fact, they can't see at all.

    Your friend,

    Mz Manners


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