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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Proper Etiquette for Exit Interviews: A Dearth of Advice

Exit Etiquette: Greater Baton Rouge Business Report

I found this article on the proper etiquette for exit interviews interesting, as I’ve always used the exit interview as a way to tell my former bosses to go and fuck themselves. Usually the best part of the job for me is the exit interview. I mean, someone actually sitting you down and asking, “So, how do you think we can improve the way we do things here?” These moments, however few and far between, are priceless and should not be carelessly passed by. It pains me to disagree with a contributing editor from the Greater Baton Rogue Business Review, but that is exactly what I am going to do.

You can say anything you want in an exit interview. You can complain about all your lazy and annoying co-workers, tell your bosses that they run the office as if they were Hitler (or Sponge Bob Square Pants – whichever is more appropriate) and perhaps most importantly, tell the people you’ve been working for so diligently all these years (or months, or days) that you know WAY better than they do how do to their jobs. Be whatever kind of raving muckraker you want. You know they’re just going to talk smack about you the minute the door hits you on the ass anyway.

To anyone out there who believes in quitting their job by leaving a post it note on their boss’s computer, I say, Let your voice be heard! The reward for sitting through the uncomfortable act of telling your boss some lie about “finding a better opportunity elsewhere” is the acclaimed exit interview. There, you’ll have the chance to get out all the petty, unimportant, gossipy bullshit you’ve been holding on to for however long you’ve had the job.


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