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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Do Latinos Give the Best Head?

Unlike the usual public opinion polls, we really want to know what you think.

I've heard the claims.*

I've also heard that Latinos are the most hardworking and dependable.**

My hypothesis? Latinos give the best head because they work so damn hard.

Es la verdad.

* Source: Latinos
** Ibid.


  • At 4:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Mz Manners,

    My experience has led me to believe that the "hypothesis" is absolutely correct. I wanted to post this on my blog, but I thought that maybe it was too offensive.

  • At 4:48 PM, Anonymous Curious said…

    Wow. I'm interested in doing a little more research before I actually form an opinion, but I mean some of my white boys find the spot. Maybe saying the "best" is a little off-putting. Consider toning it down without better documentation.

  • At 11:25 AM, Anonymous Not always 100% satisfied said…

    I think you should put together some kind of rubric so we can really get to the bottom of this. I don't want to be wasting my time on people who aren't the best!

  • At 10:23 AM, Blogger 4realyo said…

    I would say if the person is confident with theirs then they can make miracles happen (at least that's how it'll feel). There are plenty of Latinos that are in fact confident with their sexuality which will make the experience most pleasurable. So--I would say Latinos aren't the only ones--just a subset of the sexually confident.

  • At 10:39 AM, Blogger Mz Manners said…

    Dear 4RealYo,

    Like a Deadhead outside a sold out show, I NEED A MIRACLE.

    At long last a definitive answer - Sexually Confident Men Give the Best Head.

    Mz Manners


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