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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Denver Broncos Clinch Division Title

For the first time since 1998!

Merry Christmas to the San Diego Chargers for losing to Kansas City.
Happy Holidays to the Oakland Raiders who are losing pretty bad to Denver at the top of the 4th quarter.
Feliz Navidad to the Denver Broncos - Take us all they way to the big bowl!


This isn't a joke, but rather pure, rabid football fan time!


  • At 11:30 AM, Anonymous In the Right said…

    I have a question. Is it inappropriate to turn the football off if there is a really good episode of Arrested Development on? I did this the other day and some family members still aren't speaking to me. Who is in the wrong here? (I am assuming it is not me!)

  • At 2:57 PM, Blogger Mz Manners said…

    Dear In the Right,
    There is no right answer (which, I'm sure pisses you right off).

    The following things should be taken into consideration:

    1. Football first if it is the superbowl, the Denver Broncos, or another team with whom your family member has suffered with through the years.

    2. Arrested Development first if it is a team no one cares about, but wants to drink beer, eat chips, and scream at the TV, just cuz.

    3. Football first if the Arrested Development is a rerun and is available on DVD, EVEN IF number 2 is true.

    I'm sure there are even more nuances, but these are the 3 that came to me.

    Thanks for your question,

    Mz Manners


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